Free event for gays to find out their legal rights

A special free event designed to inform gay, lesbian and bisexual people of their rights has been organised by award-winning solicitors Russell Jones & Walker.

Pink Law – Know Your Rights At Home, At Work & At Play is sponsored by

Members of the gay community will be able to get free access to information about the range of new laws affecting their lives.

An introduction from a leading member of the gay community will be followed by a short presentation by leading legal experts.

This free special event is designed to discuss the many questions that gay people have about their rights, such as:

  • Are pre-nuptial agreements legally binding?
  • Can I adopt my partner’s kids?
  • How will the goods and services laws work?
  • How can I take action against homophobic businesses?
  • What kind of discrimination at work will result in compensation?
  • How do I complain about being victimised at work without being outed?

Solicitors and partners from Russell Jones & Walker will be on hand before and after the short seminar to discuss any questions you have over an informal drink.

Pink Law – Know Your Rights At Home, At Work & At Play is totally free, but registration is required.

It will be held in the Curzon Soho Cinema, Shaftesbury Avenue, London, on Thursday 31st May.

The presentation will take place at 7pm but Russell Jones & Walker solicitors will be on hand to discuss these issues and answer questions from 6.30pm to 10pm

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